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19 September 2008 @ 11:11 pm
random thoughts posing as an update  
- i'm so glad to now have fuzzy slippers, i think they will improve my quality of life
- bitch magazine going under would be a serious loss to pop culture
- toothpaste should not seem like an exorbitant purchase, neither should laundry soap. but now i have both!
- i miss my friends, there are a few in particular that i think about a tonne
- i'm sorry for sucking, really really sorry
- full time work will be a very good thing for me.
- i wish i could go to Van with a certain boy in a couple weeks, but i know we'll have another chance soon
- my heart hurts alot right now.

...i had more when i started. but my brain seems to have gone to sleep or something. sorry for making so little sense.

ice cream and cheesy movies with my husband are in order.

Feeling rather...: tiredtired