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24 February 2009 @ 01:13 pm
inspiration, life & everything else  
spent part of this afternoon at a beautiful beach, last night and yesterday afternoon too. We collected a bunch of cool looking rocks for a friend, were chased up the beach by the tide and searched for ocean life.
hermit crabs and snails and sea sponges.

I appreciate that such simple things can bring such joy.
and that I have such an amazing chosen family with whom to spend my life.

I'm dating the most lovely boy. and, him and my husband are becoming great friends. we're taking things slow, it's awkward and lovely, and making me giddy.
we're going to have kid dates and reclaim our childhoods.

and, next week I'll be starting a job at a restaurant that employs several of my lovely friends and pays better than the cafe. I'm excited to work with rad queers.

which will allow me to move forward within the next few months to figure out how/when I can get chest surgery.

life is grand.
but, there is much work to be done, so I shall be off.

Feeling rather...: thankfulthankful